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Pilates is a low-impact exercise class that focuses on strength, core stability, flexibility, muscle control, posture and breathing. It will help you strengthen and stabilise your core so that you can move efficiently while improving your posture, flexibility, and mobility. All of these things will make you look and feel very fit.

Why not come along and try Pilates in Kettering, at the Ironstone Wellbeing Centre. 

Introduction to Pilates

Pilates is a mind-body intervention that focuses on strength, core stability, flexibility, muscle control, posture and breathing. Our classes are suitable for beginners all the way through to advanced level. We also offer these classes in our hot studio if this interests you. 

Pilates classes focus on proper postural alignment, core strength and muscle balance. At Ironstone we currently offer a mat based pilates practice. These sessions may involve no equipment at all, but it can depending on the instructor also include additional equipment such as stretch bands and mini gym balls. Your goal throughout the session should be to take your time to complete the exercise in a slow and controlled manner and focus on the breath.

Our purpose built studios in Kettering are the perfect place to escape, to relax and unwind, challenge yourself and support your mental and physical well-being. Why not join us at the Ironstone Wellbeing Centre for a session of Pilates in Kettering.  

Benefits of Pilates

Improves Flexibility – Flexibility levels will not improve as much in Pilates in comparison to regular Yoga practice. However after regular practice you will notice an increase in range of motion at the joints. 

Strengthens Your Body – Although the sessions focus on the core strength it is in fact a whole-body workout. It is also very popular for those needed to rehab. Building strong core foundations will result is durability and protection across the whole body.

Improves Posture – Good posture and alignment is a result of a strong core. Regular practice can improve posture. For this exact reason it is said to help people who suffer with back pain. 

What to bring?

For now, due to Covid we will not be providing mats. You will therefore be required to bring your own. We will provide blocks and straps. 

A hot yoga towel to prevent slipping.

Water- Hydration before, during and after class is key.

Our changing facilities and toilets are available.

We have onsite parking.


A drop-in class for pilates in Kettering at Ironstone  is £13 a session or £8 in Off peak hours (9am-5pm Mon-Fri). The price can be greatly reduced by purchasing a membership or class pack. For more details regarding the memberships and class packs and introductory offers we currently display, please check out our membership page for more details.

Bookable online? Yes

Can be booked with Ironstone class credits? Yes

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