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A High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class done to music in the heat, using Pilates principles. Unlike many HIIT classes, this is high intensity but low impact on the joints, making it a long-term, sustainable, regular workout.

Why not come along and try Hot Pilates Power Hour in Kettering, at the Ironstone Wellbeing Centre. 

Introduction to Inferno Hot Pilates

Hot Pilates Power Hour is a challenging but fun full body workout. This low impact workout which incorporates Pilates principles and HIIT (high intensity interval training) will certainly get your heart rate up and help improve your fitness levels.

The combination of cardio and exercises designed to help with muscle toning and regular attendance, will leave you quickly noticing improvements and results. This class is designed for all levels of fitness.

This class will create visible results in a short space of time as it tightens your glutes, firms your abs and carves out your waistline. Book your space in an Hot Pilates Power Hour class in Kettering, at the Ironstone Wellbeing Centre today! 

Benefits of Inferno Hot Pilates

Burns More Calories – Turning up the heat can help you burn even more calories. This combined with the HIIT Element of the class you will be sure to see the difference after a few weeks.

Strengthens Your Body – This class is a whole-body workout. Challenging but fun you will be sure to build strong core foundations and tone all over.

Improves Fitness Levels – Pilates principles and HIIT (high intensity interval training) get you heart rate up and improve cardio and lung capacity. Regular practice will leave you noticing the difference.  Why not see for yourself! 


A drop-in Inferno Hot Pilates class is £12 a session. The price can be greatly reduced by purchasing a membership or class pack. For more details regarding the memberships and class packs and introductory offers we currently display, please check out our membership page for more details.

Bookable online? Yes

Can be booked with Ironstone class credits? Yes

What to BRING?

If possible, bring your own Yoga mat. If you’re new to fitness we do have a few mats available to borrow. 

A hot yoga towel to prevent slipping.

Water- Hydration before, during and after Hot Pilates is key.

Our changing facilities and toilets are available.

We have onsite parking.

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