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What should I wear?

Your usual gym clothes will be perfect. Make sure you're comfortable and avoid anything too baggy which will get in the way, leggings or shorts and a vest or a t-shirt is perfect. 

Do I need to bring anything?

Just yourself, a towel if it is a hot class and a bottle of water! We have mats, blocks, straps and blankets available to use. If you get the hot yoga bug and want to invest in your own towel then please do but we have plenty of supplies available for a £1 hire fee. 

I'm a beginner, is hot yoga suitable for me?

We welcome all levels at Ironstone from beginners to seasoned yogis. If it's your first hot yoga experience make sure your teacher is aware of that, take it steady, take breaks when you need to and make sure you drink plenty of water. We'd recommend starting in our restorative or gentle classes to get used to the heat. 

Who is hot yoga not suitable for?

If you're pregnant, breastfeeding or have any kind of heart condition (including high blood pressure) we're afraid that hot yoga isn't for you. 

Should I eat beforehand? What about water? 

A small snack is fine but we'd advise against wolfing down your dinner right before class. 

How hot is your hot yoga?

Our studio is heated to 37 degrees for our Vinyasa, Hot Hatha, Hot Power, Yin and Restorative classes, a slightly cooler 28-30 degrees for our Warm classes. 

I'm not flexible at all, can I do yoga?

Yes! You don't need to be flexible to do yoga at all, in fact doing yoga will help your flexibility. 

I'm pregnant, can I do yoga?

You can indeed but only under the watchful eye of a pregnancy-trained yoga teacher. Luckily we have one of those and run a pregnancy yoga class. 

I've just had a baby can I do yoga?

Yes! Once you've had your 6-week all clear from your midwife or GP you can rejoin classes and we have the perfect class for you to join - Mum and Baby Yoga, perfect for new mums and babies from 10 weeks old to active walking age. 

Can men do yoga?

Yes! Men are welcome in all of our classes. If you're a chap that's intrigued but a little apprehensive just give us a ring and we're happy to recommend the right class for you

Do I have to book beforehand?

Yes please. You can book online or via the app, or by giving us a ring. You can book online up to an hour before a class starts, if you want to join a class and there's less than an hour until it begins then give us a call.

Can I buy a membership?

Yes you can! We have a range of membership options available whether you are coming once a week or five times a week - and there's huge savings to be made. Head to our memberships page to find out more. We also have pay as you go options and class packs which give you reduced class prices if you buy 5, 10 or 20 class credits which can be used across a variety of classes. If you have any questions about what membership is right for you just give us a ring or pop in. 

I need to cancel what shall I do?

If you do need to cancel you can do this via the app, or online in your account. Please try and cancel if you can't make it as it frees up a space for someone else!

Do you have showers?

Yes we do, and lockers and hairdryers.

Book a class now

What are you waiting for? You now know what to expect so book your first class and we'll see you very soon! 

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