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Quality Life physio
Quality Life Physiotherapy in Kettering

Are you looking for a Physio in Kettering? Then why not try Kerry-Lee Skellham from Quality Life Physiotherapy at the Ironstone Wellbeing Centre. 

A hands-on approach to help achieve your goals.
Quality Life Physiotherapy offers individual hands on treatment and rehabilitation, putting the patient at the heart of the business

For further details and information on how to book an appointment please continue to read below. 

About Quality Life Physiotherapy

Quality Life Physiotherapy is a private outpatient practice, nestled inside Ironstone Wellbeing Centre in Kettering, Northamptonshire.

I am a musculoskeletal physiotherapist, trained to treat muscle, joint and nerve problems/ conditions, with a special interest in Headaches, Neck Pain, and Jaw Pain.

I am passionate about improving health and wellbeing and relieving pain and discomfort. And my goal is to get you back to doing what you love.

The results, even after a few treatments, are excellent.

Quality Life physio in Kettering

Is Quality Life Physio for you?

Do you have an injury or pain that won’t go away?

Are you living on painkillers?

Have you seen someone already and it hasn’t helped?

Have you tried doing some exercises from the internet and ended up with even more pain?

Are you having to take time off work because you are too sore to cope?

Are you desperate for a way to get rid of your pain so that you can just get on with your life?

Maybe you have neck pain

Or you suffer from headaches

Perhaps you have a clicking and painful jaw

Maybe even shoulder or hip pain

Whatever your concern, I can help.


Book your 15-minute free consultation with Kerry today

Would you like to…

Get home after work and enjoy the evening with your family, without your mind being distracted by pain?

Wake up and your neck is pain free, easy to move, and you’ve got a clear head?

Be able to be more positive, optimistic, and not worried about this being a serious debilitating problem?

Here are three reasons to book an Initial Assessment with Kerry:

– Find out what is causing your pain

– Help alleviate your pain

-You will be given an action plan of what you can do to get back to doing the things you love

Quality Life physio in Kettering

Client Feedback

“After years of intermittent headaches, I visited Kerry and I can’t believe the difference she has made in such a short period of time. After just one treatment I felt a renewed sense of calm and after a second my headache had totally lifted. I now have monthly treatments; this has been life changing.”

From Patsy

How to book

Services include a 1 hour initial assessment and 45 minute follow-up appointments. To book your first appointment or to enquire further contact Kerry via the following options:

Book online: https://qualitylifephysio.connect.tm3app.com

Telephone: 07425671140

Email: info@qualitylifephysiotherapy.co.uk

Website: www.qualitylifephysiotherapy.co.uk

More information can also be found via Quality Life Physio’s Facebook Page

What are you waiting for?

Book your appointment with Quality Life Physio in Kettering, at the Ironstone Wellbeing Centre, via this booking system.

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