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What to wear to yoga?

POV: You’ve signed up for your first yoga class, and you’ve realized you have no clue what to wear.

All we’re concerned about is that you’re comfortable and happy, so we’ve put together this handy guide to help.

Yoga Leggings

For both yoga and Pilates, we recommend wearing quality yoga leggings which you can comfortably squat and stretch in without the waist band slipping. In warmer weather yoga shorts or cycling shorts might be more comfortable. Loose, flared yoga pants are more suitable for restorative classes than for vinyasa flow, as the material might get in the way as you move through the poses.

Yoga Tops

Due to the time spent upside down in class, you may find a tighter fitting yoga top more comfortable for downward dogs and forward folds. Range of movement is also important – ensure your top allows free movement of the shoulders for warriors and twists.

Should I wear yoga socks?

Traditionally, yoga is taught barefoot for connection to the earth. Neurologically, receptors in our feet help us find balance in poses, and the micro movements we use to balance ourselves create strong and healthy feet which protect us against injury.

If barefoot really isn’t your thing, then nobody will mind if you wear grippy yoga socks. You will spot these frequently in Pilates and barre classes, too!

What to wear to Hot Yoga?

Typically, we recommend wearing the same gear to Hot Yoga classes, but you might opt for Yoga shorts over leggings. You will also need to bring a towel to lay on your mat to avoid it getting slippery, and always remember to bring your water.

What should men wear to yoga or Pilates?

Yoga clothes for men consist of shorts and tops, with the same rules applying – clothes need to be stretchy to allow full range of movement. Therefore, men should wear loose shorts and comfortable t-shirts for yoga and Pilates.

Don’t forget your yoga jumper!

Most yoga classes finish with savasana, a well-deserved relaxation pose and an opportunity to clear the mind before leaving class. As you slow your body, you may find your temperature starts to drop. For that reason, many practitioners opt for an extra layer at this point to keep the muscles warm.

Whether you’re a hardcore yogi or prefer the modern principles of Pilates, this guide will give you all the information you need to attend your first class in style.

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