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As of Monday 29th March 2021 in accordance with the government guidelines outdoor exercise classes are permitted to take place. These can be in groups of up to 30 as it is an organised sporting activity, but as we have a limited space behind the centre we feel that 10 plus the instructor is the ideal number. 

Please continue to read below to find out further details regarding the outdoor exercise classes at the Ironstone Wellbeing Centre in Kettering, 

How much?

Outdoor Classes can be purchased as either a drop-in or class pack bundle. 

£10 Outdoor Drop-in

5 Class Pack £35 

10 Class Pack £60 

Email us for NHS/Teacher Discount to be applied. Please show relevant ID. 

Bookable online? Yes

Can be booked with Ironstone class credits? Yes

If you have any credits remaining when we reopen, the outdoor packs will be eligible Monday to Friday between the off-peak hours of 9am-5pm. Please follow this link, to view our Online/Outdoor Timetable. If you could also take a moment to read over our covid procedures. Our priority is to ensure the safety of all Ironstone Customers.

Outdoor class information

Outdoor classes will be viewed as an addition to the online service that we are currently running. We will not be reactivating memberships for this as we suspect given the time of year, we may unfortunately need to cancel quite a few classes at short notice. Outdoor class packs will therefore be available for customers. 

We will try and make the call and cancel about 60-45 minutes beforehand where possible, but the weather is an impossible thing to predict so please remember that this is the risk you take when booking these outdoor classes. Class credits will be returned if the class is cancelled. 

If you have an active membership with Ironstone and you wish to only take part in outdoor classes, please email niamh.bailey@ironstone.club and we will pause the automatic online deal payment. For those of who are already on pause, you will remain so until the reactivation of memberships is instigated. 

Our classes will start off sized at 10 people plus the instructor. Tape will be marked on the floor to show you where to place your mat. Do not forget to bring your own equipment eg: mats, blocks, straps etc… For those of you who have not attended an outdoor class at Ironstone before, please head straight round to the back of the centre. For weekend classes please remember another session may be finishing off as you arrive so please be considerate of this. The Ironstone Café will be open for takeaway refreshments on all days except Sundays. 

What to bring?

For now, due to Covid we will not be providing mats, straps and blocks. You will therefore be required to bring your own.

Potentially a yoga towel to prevent slipping.

Water- Hydration before, during and after is key.

Currently due to Covid our changing facilities are unavailable, only toilets will be available.

We have onsite parking.

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