Reopening Ironstone Wellbeing Centre

Coronavirus Update at Ironstone

Dear All,

We are pleased to announce that as part of our planned, phased reopening, we will be increasing our class sizes to 13 as per the guidelines set out by UK Active, whereby a distance of two metres measured between the centres of each mat is advised. The front and back rows of 5 remain unchanged with a staggered middle row of 4 being added. 

This should go some way to reducing the waitlists; we appreciate that many of you have not been able to get onto classes of your choice, so thank you for your patience with this. 

You will no longer be required to leave studio one via the patio door and we will be allowing free flow of people in both directions into and out of the reception/café area and the main body of the building, so you will be able to come to the café after class without having to leave and come back in again! 

Showers, changing rooms and lockers will now be available for use and we ask that you continue to use the wipes provided. 

Wearing a mask when moving around the building is mandatory; so far, this has mostly been adhered to, but we must remind you that we do now operate a “no mask, no class” policy. Once you are on your mat, you can take your mask off. Everyone is giving each other plenty of space and respect so please continue to do what you are already doing brilliantly! 

Our cleaning protocol remains ‘elevated’ with high touch zones and studio floors cleaned in between classes and a daily deep clean of the entire Centre carried out by our contractors. 

We have had a lot of very positive feedback about our Covid policy but we are always keen to know if there is any more we can do to make your experience in the Centre feel as safe as possible, so please do get in touch with any further questions or suggestions. 

We look forward to seeing you back on the mat very soon!

All the best from the team at Ironstone.

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