Get a Sneak Preview of The Ironstone Wellness Store!

Ironstone Wellbeing Centre is super excited to inroduce our Ironstone Wellness Store.

We are working hard behind the scenes to create a one-stop-shop for all of your wellness, yoga, pilates and fitness products. We still have plenty of work to do, but we are releasing two products from our launch range early!

Ironstone Eye Pillow
Organic, locally sourced eye pillow weighted with rice & lavender. These are INCREDIBLE either gently warmed up (pop in the microwave) or cooled (pop in the freezer). Just lay back, rest on your eyes and allow yourself to let go. They are also perfect to bring to your class to use during relaxation and meditation practice.

Ironstone Smudging Kit
Palo Santo Burner, Selenite Crystal and Lavender. Simply light your Palo Santo, blow out and use the purifying smoke to cleanse your space. Then place the Selenite in your safe space to maintain peace, calm and mental clarity.

Both of the above Ironstone wellness products make great gifts and are now available at the Ironstone cafe, with 10% off to all members.

We have plenty more to come but we were too excited to wait, so we hope you like this sneak preview!

If you know of any amazing, local businesses that have great wellness products you think we should stock, please reach out to us and contact us online by clicking here.

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