Yoga for Back Pain: Manage your back pain

We’re delighted to be offering a new class focusing on Yoga for Back Pain. Taught by the brilliant Sally who has personal, first-hand experience of how yoga can help manage back pain and discomfort the class will focus on postures that will improve strength, increase mobility and address your mental well being.

Here Sally explains a little more about her experiences and what the class will offer. Join us on Wednesdays 6-6.45pm starting on the 12th February.

A 45 minute yoga class that focuses on the back. Open to all but especially those who suffer from back and spinal problems.

If I ask new member of classes if they have any issues that may affect their practice the answer 9 times out of 10 is “my back” that’s generally followed by “but I know what I can do”

This class will focus on postures that will improve strength, increase mobility and address your mental well being. Stretching correctly will support the back and spine – remember the spine keeps us upright so its essential we all do as much as we can do to safeguard it.

I don’t offer the magic wand – only you have that, and I am not medically qualified  – but having suffered from chronic back pain for a number of years I may be able to share my experience and help you learn  some skills to enable a little relieve both mentally and physically

We will concentrate on some of the postures we don’t really like in an effort to strengthen the areas around the back that supports us . We don’t like them as they don’t feel comfortable but we will take things gently and grow over the weeks together. Motivated by my own back issues, yoga offers you the opportunity to gently release the tension around problem areas, build strength and confidence in your ability to improve not only the physical pain but the way you look at it.

On going and chronic pain has a huge impact on our lives, yoga will give you the opportunity to look inward, turn you focus away from the discomfort and grow your ability to manage and heal.

For me this class is personal, yoga hasn’t cured my bulging disc or my stenosis but it has kept me on my feet and given me the mental capacity to manage the pain. We will learn to laugh , accept our limitations and be amazed at our ability to grow.

Come join me improve your spinal health on Wednesday’s 6 pm to 6.45pm

Sally x

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