Women’s Wellbeing

Olivia Hickman

Olivia Hickman
Women’s Wellbeing

Olivia has been part of the Ironstone Team since the start and is known for teaching our Women’s Wellbeing and Yoga class and meditation practice. 

Detailed below are the treatments which are currently available to book. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Olivia.

For more information and to book a session please call Olivia on 07751993313 or email olivia@nwwomen.com 

To find out more about online courses go to www.nwwomen.com 

Olivia Hickman

Olivia Hickman “Connection Coach and Founder of New World Women.”

New World Women run online courses and mentorship programs to support women improve their health and wellness through cyclical living. Working with a combination of women’s wellness, life energetics, exercise, coaching and nutritional advice to inspire women to live in sync with their cycle.

Shorter courses to empower women to reclaim their health, so they no longer suffer from hormonal imbalances such as headaches, period pains, bloating, acne and many more symptoms that affect women’s wellbeing.

Longer mentorship programs to create a life from a place of purpose to call in a higher income and live life with more ease, no longer living in burnout or indecision, but gaining more clarity, energy and focus to create a business that truly honours who each woman is.

Olivia is excited to offer in person sessions at Ironstone Wellbeing Centre. Olivia offers two Connection Coaching packages focusing on women’s health, wealth & business. Olivia also offers Aura Transformation and is the only Aura Mediator in the East Midlands.

The Period Package

The Period Package is a bespoke coaching package to improve your health and your monthly period cycle. Using tools listed above we will work together over 3 months to create harmony for your hormones, so you can live your life with more ease, energy & joy.

This is for you if you suffer from PMS symptoms such as:

– Headaches

– Cramps

– Tiredness or trouble sleeping

– Mood swings.

– Feeling upset, anxious or irritable.

– Bloating or tummy pain.

– Breast tenderness.

– Spotty skin or greasy hair.

– Changes in appetite and sex drive.

Living Cyclically can also support you with women’s health ailments such as endometriosis, fibroids, HPV, PCOS.

The Period Package

What you receive:

Reclaim : Online Period Problem Solver Course to support your in person process – £88

Connect : An 8 week online support package to help you connect with your cycle and womb – £488

Connection Coaching : Bi –weekly in person coaching – £300

Bespoke Diet Plan : to support your hormones coming back to balance – £108

Bespoke Exercise Plan : to support you finding a health weight and harmony in your body – £108

Energy Reading : To discover if there are energetics blocks stopping you from moving forward – £55

10 Class Pass for Ironstone Wellbeing Centre – £99

Altogether the package is WORTH: £1246

But you receive this package for £528

Total reduction: Save £718!

Pay in Full: £528

3 Month Payment Plan: £176

6 Month Payment Plan: £88

The Purpose Package

The Purpose Package is for women looking to discover their purpose. Maybe you’ve done a gazillion different jobs and nothing seems to stick or you are in a job that you is OK but doesn’t light you up and you would love to know which route would make you feel alive and inspired.

This is for you if you want to know your purpose and:

– Suffer with indecision about which route to take next

– Want to finally know your purpose or understand how to discover it

– Want to align with your truth

– Want to feel calmer within yourself and more at ease

– Need better boundaries with others

– Want to feel at peace and more joyful everyday

The Purpose Package

What you receive:

Connect : An 8 week online support package to help you connect with your cycle and womb – £488

Aura Transformation : See below for description of AT – £300

Energy Reading : To discover if any energy blocks are holding you back – £55

Balancing : After your AT it is good to have a balancing to check in and see if everything is on track – £90

Nurture & Nourish 1:1 bespoke yoga session : To allow you to feel yummy and nourished – £75

Connection Coaching : Bi-Weekly Coaching sessions to support you in your growth and evolution to find your purpose – £300

Altogether the package is WORTH : £1,308

But you receive this package for £888

Total reduction: Save £420!

Pay in Full: £888

3 Month Payment Plan: £296

6 Month Payment Plan: £148

What is an Aura Transformation?

Aura Transformation – £300

‘An AuraTransformation™ is a once in a life-time treatment with long-lasting effects.  This unique opportunity affords you a permanent and radical expansion of your consciousness, which reinforces your Charisma, Drive, and Intuition for all of time. ‘ 

This treatment take place over two days and completely upgrades your energetic system to support you in letting go of the old and realigning with your truth. This is a radical and profound upgrade for those interested in making big shifts. 

Aura Transformation is included in ‘The Purpose Package’ where Aura Transformation and supporting sessions in New Earth Women’s Wellness will encourage you to connect with your truth and purpose. Creating bespoke wellbeing practices to bring you back to balance and joy in your everyday living. Please see above for more information about ‘The Purpose Package.’  


A balancing is a session that supports you to come back in alignment. It is for those who have had an Aura Transformation. You will receive two balanancing’s with an AT if you go for the ‘Live Your Purpose’ package.

Balancing – £90

Energy Reading

Want to know more about your energetic self? Discover where you may have blocks or where you are holding yourself back? In this treatment Olivia will read your energy to uncover your truth and share back to you with supportive suggestions to help you move past any blocks.  

Energy Reading – £55

INTRO OFFER – £45 – Energy Reading – If you have not worked with Olivia before receive £10 off your Energy Reading. 

What are you waiting for?

To book an appointment with Olivia please call  07751993313 or email olivia@nwwomen.com  

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