If you are looking for something different to aid your wellbeing then Shiatsu is definitely worth a try. It is a form of bodywork that uses touch, movement and manipulation to help the different aspects of body and mind to connect and work together harmoniously.

Shiatsu is an ancient Japanese healing system that has married together a modern western understanding of Physiology with the traditions and philosophies of Chinese Medicine. A qualified Shiatsu Practitioner will have trained for a minimum of 3 years and be registered with the SSUK to practice professionally.

A session will typically last an hour and will take place on a padded futon at floor level during which you will remain fully clothed. Receiving this treatment is a deeply relaxing experience that treats each individual uniquely.

Whether you are looking to alleviate stress or illness, complement your yoga or sports activities, or are seeking the space for solace and spiritual reflection, Shiatsu can offer a new perspective with a trusted and informed approach.

Alan Hatton-Perkins, The Shiatsu Healing Space. Alan will be giving a short presentation and talk about Shiatsu and it’s benefits at 11.30am on Saturday 19 October at our open day. He will also be offering discounted taster treatments, please contact him directly to book.

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