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These classes focus on a combination of yoga-inspired postures, breathing, relaxation and mindfulness techniques along with massage and equipment such as yoga balls. Our classes are designed to build your connection with the baby as well as strengthening the body, relaxing the mind for birth and alleviating some of the discomforts of pregnancy.

Why not come along and try Pregnancy Yoga in Kettering, at the Ironstone Wellbeing Centre. 

Introduction to Pregnancy Yoga

Our classes teach you the skills required throughout pregnancy. Specifically designed for women during pregnancy. Pregnancy Yoga classes are suitable from the 2nd trimester.

During these sessions you will learn yoga poses and breathing techniques which help you to feel at ease with the changing body and deal with the developing emotions. You will build the awareness of the body, mindfulness, and improve your ability to relax. These factors all prepare you for motherhood.

Classes are designed to nurture you and encourage a connection to form with you and your baby. Pregnancy yoga classes are designed to strengthen the body, relax the mind for birth and alleviate some of the discomforts of pregnancy.

At the Ironstone Wellbeing Centre we have expert teachers who can adapt and guide you throughout, depending our your stage of pregnancy. You will leave feeling relaxed, recharged and energised. Try Pregnancy Yoga in Kettering for yourself at the Ironstone Wellbeing Centre. 

Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga

Psychological – Pregnancy yoga is tailored to help the expectant mother to deal with the psychological and physical changes which occur during pregnancy. Yoga will allow you to focus your mind and be at ease with yourself and feel a better connection with your changing body and your child. A mindful state will allow you to feel relaxed and calm reducing stress levels.

Ease physical discomfort – Through both the yoga poses and breathing techniques learnt in class your body will relax allowing you to ease physical discomfort (lower back pain, stiffness, aching, balance issues, etc.) and make you emotionally calmer and stronger. 

Social – What a great way to meet other expectant Mothers! 


Pricing for a course and drop in are to be confirmed nearer the start date. We will be running pregnancy workshops throughout the summer months.  

Bookable online? Yes

Can be booked with Ironstone class credits? Yes

What to bring?

For now, due to Covid we will not be providing mats, straps and blocks. You will therefore be required to bring your own.

Water – Hydration before, during and after yoga is key.

Currently due to Covid our changing facilities are unavailable, only toilets will be available.

We have onsite parking.

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