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Whether you visit us five times a week or join us for an hour of calm a week we hope that within our variety of membership options there's the perfect one for you. Check out our options below and find out how much you could save. If you have any questions just give us a ring and we'd be happy to chat through the best option for you.


The big one, the all singing all dancing one.  Perfect if you're attending two or more classes a week and also want the freedom to try some of the other classes on the timetable (the more you attend the cheaper classes get!) This offers unlimited Ironstone classes in a month which can mean huge savings. For example if you were attending three pay as you go classes a week this membership could save you £74 a month! (£144 vs £70)

Cost: £70 per month

Length: 3 months rolling

Cancellation notice: 1 month


10% off on all Class packs and Memberships for all NHS and Blue Light Staff. You must present relevant documentation for proof of ID, for the discount to be applied please purchase the pack/membership at the centre reception so that our staff can apply the discount Valid for any Membership/Class pack.


Are you and your partner both regular class goers? If so then why have a membership each when you can save month with our couples premium membership. This memberships gives you both unlimited Ironstone Classes in a month meaning you can try the whole range of classes on offer whilst making great savings. If you both currently attend two classes a week at pay as you go this could save you £92! (£192 vs £100). Plus the more classes you go to, the cheaper it gets. 

Cost: £100 per month

Length: 3 months rolling

Cancellation notice: 1 month


For those who have found their perfect class and attend each week but perhaps don't want the initial outlay of a class pack or wouldn't utilise a full membership. This gives you four classes a month. Can't make your usual class one week? You can use this for any of the classes on our timetable. Against the pay as you go price this can save you £8 a month. 

How many classes? 4 credits for 4 classes

Cost: £40 per month

Length: 3 months rolling

Cancellation notice: 1 month


Available during daytime and attend classes between 9-5pm (excluding hot yoga)? This is the one for you. This also includes Zumba on a Wednesday evening and Tuesday evening and Saturday morning FitSteps. Perfect for those who like a mixture of yoga, pilates and dancing and who are attending six or more off-peak classes a month. If you attend two classes a week this could save you £16 (£64 vs £48), plus the more classes you attend the cheaper it gets!

Cost: £48 per month

Length: 3 months rolling 

Cancellation notice: 1 month


Have you and your partner found your ideal class? Why not take advantage of the reduction we offer when signing up as a duo. There's no restrictions on using this for the same classes or using it as an even split so whether it's a 50/50 split, or however you want to work it it's fine with us. Against the pay as you go price this could save you £21 per month (£96 vs £75!)

How many classes? 8 credits for 8 classes

Cost: £75 per month 

Length: 3 months rolling

Cancellation notice: 1 month


Over 60 and enjoy attending classes with us? This one is the one for you and can give you huge savings. If you’re attending at least four peak or five off-peak classes a month  this one is ideal, plus it gives you the freedom to try out new classes. If you attend three off peak classes a week this could save you £46 (£50 vs £96!)

Cost: £50 per month

Length: 3 months rolling

Cancellation notice: 1 month


If you don't quite fancy the commitment of a membership but attend classes regularly you can still make great savings with our class packs. With 5, 10 and 20 credit packs available which offer reduced class rates these are another great option.  Class packs have an expiry of 3 months for 5 credits and 6 months for 10 and 20 credits. Great if you want to come along to some of our classes but can’t always make every week.

Cost: £50, £90 and £175

Length: 3 months and 6 months expiry

Cancellation notice: Class packs are not able to be cancelled.  

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