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Dear All,

Studio Director and Ironstone’s in-house Nutritional Therapist Harry will be running a 9 day liver cleanse starting on Monday 21st September; the cost is £50.

Here’s what Harry has to say about it:

We all tend to think of the liver as something that just deals with alcohol but it performs thousands of tasks every minute of every day; it serves as a storehouse, filter, recycling centre, energy processor, fat burner and so much more. It is the unsung hero within us, preparing for when you need extra support and cleaning up after you when you overdo it! It literally saves your lives countless times a day.

Modern living and typical western diets mean that our livers are in constant firefighting mode; by removing certain everyday food stuffs from our diet and increasing others, we can reduce the daily toxic burden on our liver and allow it to get on with the bigger more important jobs that it hasn’t been able to get to, such as eliminating latent toxicity, reducing visceral fat, improving its detoxification pathways and optimising its functionality for future months.

When you sign up to the program, you will receive a welcome pack with further information, top-tips and advice as well as a nine day meal plan, shopping list and advice on supplements.

For the duration of the program itself you will be put into a WhatsApp group in which I will post regular videos, answer any questions and generally will serve as a line of communication between myself and everyone on the program as well as being a peer group support network so that people can offer encouragement to each other and share recipe ideas and so on.

Afterwards, you can expect more mental clarity and physical energy, clearer skin and eyes, improved gut health and an overall lightness of being,

For more info and FAQs have a look at our website

Love your liver and live longer!

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