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Are you looking for Ear Microsuction in Kettering? Then why not try EarKlear at the Ironstone Wellbeing Centre .

EarKlear was founded by Pauline Snell is 2021. Pauline is a fully trained medical professional, where for the last 20 years she has worked in Emergency Medicine and is still working in Primary Care.

Pauline has trained with Ear Care Academy which provides the gold standard, fully accredited ear microsuction training in conjunction with Imperial College Health Care Trust.  Based at Charing Cross hospital ENT/Audiology Department.

Her ethos is to provide honest, caring and affordable treatment.  Modern Practice with Traditional Care.

To book Ear Microsuction in Kettering at the Ironstone Wellbeing Centre please read below for details on how to contact EarKlear.

What is Ear Microsuction? Why would you require it?

Ear Microsuction is the gold standard technique for ear wax removal.  Your Earklear clinician will use a microscopic or magnified lens to illuminate and magnify the ear canal and ear drum, so that the practitioner can observe each part of the outer ear in high definition.

A low-pressure suction ENT device is used which is hygienic, efficient and safe to gently remove the wax

Sterile single use only equipment is used at all times.

The risk of ear drum perforation is greatly reduced using this procedure as opposed to syringing.

Many GP practices no longer offer syringing due to risk factors of perforation and funding.

The procedure does not take long and is the most modern, advanced, safest and pain-free form of ear wax removal.

EarKlear Ear Microsuction Kettering

Things to know about the treatment

Despite the safety of microsuction, as with any procedure, it carries a small amount of risk.

The most common side effect is some dizziness, fainting or vertigo during or shortly after the procedure.  This is temporary and is due to the fact that microsuction ‘cools’ the temperature of the ear canal.  As with any procedure, there is a small risk of infection.

Tinnitus symptoms occasionally occur post procedure, but usually only last for 2-3 days then subside

If you already suffer from tinnitus this can be exacerbated for a few days after treatment due to the wax having dampened down hearing prior to treatment.  Once being removed sound awareness increases. This will normally settle.

The treatment is suitable for patients with a history of perforated eardrum where syringing is not suitable.

Is Microsuction suitable for everyone?

Microsuction is suitable for most patients.  There are very few patients for whom microsuction is not suitable:

  • Patients who have experienced difficulties with the procedure in the past
  • Patients with a history of severe dizziness
  • Patients who have a (major) sensitivity to loud noise (known as hyperacusis)
  • Patients who are unable to hold their heads still, or are prone to unpredictable movement

EarKlear Ear Microsuction Kettering

Why do I make so much wax?

People who have narrow ear canals find the wax doesn’t work its way out naturally.

A build up of wax is more likely to occur in older adults as wax becomes drier as we age.

Patients with certain scalp and skin conditions like psoriasis or a lot of hair in your ear canals.

Hearing aids, ear bud headphones and the use of cotton buds stimulate the glands within the ear to produce more wax and excess wax becomes compacted.

There are two genetically determined types of ear wax – either wet (dominant) or dry.


Any further queries please do not hesitate in contacting your clinician at EarKlear and we will be happy to help you.

How much?

When you book an appointment for Ear Microsuction in Kettering at the Ironstone Wellbeing Centre, the pricing is as follows. 

One or Two Ear Examination and Microsuction £55 

*Home appointments are available upon request

How to book?

For all booking and appointment enquiries for Ear Microsuction in Kettering at the Ironstone Wellbeing Centre, please contact Pauline direct.

Email: earklear@gmail.com

Call: 07861 736851

Further information can be found at www.earklear.co.uk 

What are you waiting for?

Book direct  with Pauline and EarKlear for Ear Microsuction in Kettering by emailing earklear@gmail.com 

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