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“A more compassionate mind and greater sense of concern for others wellbeing is the course of happiness.”

Wellbeing is defined as the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy. Our Wellbeing and Yoga classes include a gentle yoga flow, wellbeing practices and relaxation to aid and support you both physically and mentally. 

Come and join us for Wellbeing and Yoga in Kettering at the Ironstone Wellbeing Centre.

Introduction to Wellbeing and Yoga

Our Wellbeing and Yoga classes include a gentle yoga flow, wellbeing practices and relaxation to aid and support you both physically and mentally.

We start the session with an optional short share so that we know, and you have time to understand what your body needs within the session ahead. Sharing in this way in a supportive environment can be such a nurturing and nourishing experience within itself. We then move into some gentle yoga to awaken the body to focus on the present moment.

From here we travel into a short mindfulness activity which would be different every week, with activities including gratitude practice, breathwork and techniques to keep you grounded to name a few. From here the class will conclude with a meditation or relaxation phase often accompanied by sound.

This class is suitable for all levels and has the option to take part from chair rather than the mat.

What to Bring

For now, due to Covid we will not be providing mats. You will therefore be required to bring your own. We will provide blocks and straps.

Water- Hydration before, during and after being in the heat is key.

Our changing facilities and toilets are available.

We have onsite parking.


A drop-in hot yoga class is £8 in Off peak hours (9am-5pm Mon-Fri). The price can be greatly reduced by purchasing a membership or class pack. For more details regarding the memberships and class packs and introductory offers we currently display, please check out our membership page for more details.

Bookable online? Yes

Can be booked with Ironstone class credits? Yes

Benefits of Wellbeing and Yoga

Confidence And Connection – These sessions, build confidence, connection & communication with each other and with ourselves and our bodies.

Supporting one another – By creating a safe space to share it allows wellbeing as a whole to be the focus and not just physical activity. 

Focuses Your Mind – Yoga encourages a mindful state, helping you to feel relaxed and calm reducing stress levels.

Wellbeing in a variety of ways – This class is for those looking for a mixture of different styles of yoga & wellbeing.  In this class we aim for you to feel supported, seen and nurtured in your practice.

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